Substitute Positions

Substitute Teachers Needed

Student teachers who successfully complete HDFS 3500 +/or 3700 and come with the recommendation of their instructor may be added to the CDL payroll.

Hours: The CDL operates from 7:30am to 5:30pm, Monday through Friday. Substitute hours will be determined on a need basis and communicated at the time of scheduling.

Salary Range: $8.60 - $9.00 per hour

Childcare Required Paperwork

  1. Current Food Handler Card (see Food Handler Class Schedule)
  2. Missouri Department of Health Family Care Safety Registry (background check)
  3. Medical Examination (includes TB risk assessment)

Responsibilities: Work with the class teachers to teach and care for children

Orientation and Support: On-the-job orientation and support will be provided by the classroom teachers.

If interested, please contact Michelle Mathews at (573) 882 3999 or e-mail Also please go to the Student Paperwork section for more information.


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