Application for Enrollment Form

Please complete a form for each child you would like to enroll. Complete all fields. If your child is not yet born, complete as much information as possible. Then update your application after your child is born.

During the enrollment period, or when an opening becomes available, we will look at the existing class make-up and fill the opening(s) in such a way to allow for a range of ages and a balance of boys and girls. We also look at the internal wait list of existing families that are currently enrolled. At times we also strive to maximize diversity in terms of family income and/or structure, race and ethnicity, and special needs. Because the CDL's primary purpose is teacher training, we use this enrollment system to ensure that the CDL is representative of the community at large, and that our students are exposed to a variety of children and families.

Application for Enrollment Form

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*All applications are filed by date of birth. If you do not update your card once your child is born, your child will not be considered for enrollment openings.

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